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If you're serious about building a profitable web business!

Search Engine Optimization Experts Agree
One of the single most important factors a search engine uses to rank your web site is link  popularity . Link popularity is based on the number of incoming links you have from other web sites (such as through a link exchange). Also known as backlinks, search engines view each of these links to your site as "vote" for your site. The more incoming links your site has, the more important the search engine will consider your site to be and rank it accordingly. A good link exchange program is the proven way to get these incoming links as quickly as possible.

A Themed Link Exchange Is King
Having links to your site is not enough. A themed Link exchange between sites that are on-topic and share the same theme as your own site are valued more. The reason is simple: To a search engine, links between sites that share the same topic are considered more relevant! Link Foundry's powerful link exchange filters let you control exactly which types of sites link to you! Allowing you get highly relevant, on-topic, inbound links in instantly!

Fact: For most web sites, search engines account for 95% of incoming traffic.
Fact: If your web site does not show up at the top when a customer searches for your product or service, your competitors' web sites are!
Fact:  To get to the top, your web site needs to have as many incoming backlinks as possible.
Fact: 90% of web sites have fewer than 10 links pointing to their site.

Getting Incoming Links

There are two ways to get more incoming links to your web site. The first is to wait for backlinks to be established "naturally". Wait long enough and gradually, over time, webmasters will link to your site; if they find it, if they like it, and if they bother to take the time to link to you. We think you'll agree, those are a lot of "ifs". The second way to get incoming links is through a Q Links. This involves trading reciprocal links with other web sites In Q Directory. While effective, a manual link exchange to get reciprocal links is an extremely tedious process and can take forever! Contacting thousands of webmasters, exchanging emails, waiting for replies, and verifying backlinks is literally a full-time job. But what if you could automate the entire link exchange process?

Supercharge your website's Link Popularity! Q LINKS.

Link Exchange on Autopilot

When you sign up with Q Links, Link Foundry completely automates the process of reciprocal linking with other web sites in Q Directory, allowing you to focus on growing your business. You may have heard of other link exchange programs out there that make this claim.


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