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Q- Submit

Manual submission may be more time consuming than automated search engine submission, but a fair amount of optimization specialists stick with the "old fashioned way."

Why? Submitting manually is seen by some SEO professionals as a way of staying on the good side of the search engines, lessening the risk of being associated with the steady stream of spam submitted through automated programs. AltaVista has even implemented a submission process to discourage automatic submission.

Most search engines don't like submissions from automated submission tools. The reason for that is simple: the creators of most search engine submission software tools don't care about the specific rules of the search engines, and the creators just want to list as many engines as possible. In addition, the other tools access the search engine submission scripts directly without going to the website.

The result is that search engines receive a lot of spam from those submission tools. You can be sure that your submission will be ignored if the search engine finds out that you used such a tool to submit your site.

Q Submit is different.

Get the same results as with manual submissions

With Q Submit, you get the best possible results. Q Submit doesn't try to trick search
engines and Q Submit doesn't access submission scripts directly.

Q Submit  - Real person would submit your website to a search engine.



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